Business Questions:

How much does the software cost?
We charge $200 per month for a single provider practice unlimited access to Nurse360.   Discounts are available for group practices, and are based on the number of providers.

Am I locked into a long-term contract?
No.  Our goal is to deliver a sensational service that creates value for your practice and patients.  You can cancel your contract at any time, for any reason, as long as you provide us with 30 days notice.

Are there any setup costs?

Is there any software to install?
No.  Nurse360 is a web solution.  We can set up your own password-protected site within two business days.

How much does training cost?
Nothing.  We offer comprehensive web-based training by a registered nurse for free.

Clinical Questions:

Will using the Nurse360 software change physician workflow?
No, because the provider does not use the application.  Nurse360 is used by the support staff to generate patient instructions and to provide triage services over the telephone and face-to-face in the office. Performing a triage generates a triage note that is shared with the provider and incorporated into the EMR. 

Who wrote the content in Nurse360?
Nurse360 content is written and maintained by board certified physicians at DSHI Systems.  Content is evidence based and peer reviewed.   More than 20 million triages have been performed using Nurse360 in the past 10 years.  All of the triage notes were reviewed by a physician.

Are you planning to release additional workflows?
Yes.  More than a dozen new clinical workflows are in development.  All new workflows are available to the licensed user at no additional cost.

How often is the content updated?
Clinical content is updated quarterly.

Technical Questions:

How do I get the triage note into my EMR?
Nurse360 allows you to save the triage note as a PDF.  This makes it simple work flow solution to append the note to any EMR.

Do you plan to integrate Nurse360 with any commercial EMRs?
We already have.  Nurse360 is integrated with VistA, the US Department of Veterans Affairs electronic medical record.  Nurse360 is available as a widget for rapid integration with an EMR or CRM application.  Please contact DSHI Systems for details.

Is the site or service HIPAA compliant?
The Nurse360 server is not subject to HIPAA certification since it does not receive, send, or store personal health information.  All transactions are performed anonymously.

Is the site or service secure?
The Nurse360 service is hosted at a HIPPA compliant data center.  The Nurse360 domain uses Hyper Text Transfer Protocol with Secure Sockets Layer (https).  Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is the secure version of HTTP, the protocol over which data is sent between your browser and the website that you are connected to. It means all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted.

Does the site store usage data?
No.  A future update will allow Nurse360 customers to download their usage data (tab-delimited) at anytime for parsing into a database.  Customers who are using the Nurse360 widget have the option to obtain JSON data at the close of each encounter.  This data can be used to build a data repository to power disease surveillance, population health, and predictive analytics.  Please contact DSHI Systems for details.

Do I have to install any software?
No.   Nurse360 is a web service that is accessed using a browser. The software resides on the Nurse360 server in a secure data center in Nashville, TN.

Are there any software requirements?
Yes.  To use Nurse360 in the office, you must have Internet Explorer V9 or above.